Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Triple A

To say that Georgia had a great swim meet last week is putting it very, very mildly. She was a BEAST! Just consider this: 7 seconds off of her 100 Free; 5 seconds off of her 50 Free and first in her heat; and 9 seconds off of her 100 Breaststroke from three weeks ago and second in her heat. Boom! And she had so much FUN, to boot. She's having a great season, improving every day, and we're loving watching every second.

Moving from athletics to the arts, feast your eyes on this incredible piece she created - an interpretation of Antigone inspired by the myth of the Three Fates.

The basic myth of the Three Fates is that they are the ones who control one’s time of death. Clotho, the first Fate, spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures the length of the life, and Atropos inevitably cuts the thread of life, bringing death. I wanted to use this Greek death myth in this piece so as to represent the theme of tragedy that was very evident in Antigone.

Each one of the colored threads is associated with a character that dies, except for the orange thread. It is the only thread left trailing while all the others are cut, so naturally it represents Creon and how he was forced to continue on after all of the people he cared about were gone.

When people view this piece they’ll probably think, “wow, that’s really creepy…” Good! That’s exactly what I want them to think! The morbidness of tragedy is evident in most of Greek theater, especially in Antigone, and I definitely was inspired by that aspect of the play for this piece.

Athlete. Artist. And straight-A Academic for another six weeks - so proud of our girl!

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