Wednesday, November 25, 2015

College Girl(s)

Well, the Louisiana college trip was a big success - and a big adventure! Many of the girls in Georgia's class had never been to New Orleans, so she was an expert tour guide and loved showing her friends around the French Quarter. Oh, and the actual college visits went really well, too! As expected, Tulane was her favorite stop - and currently at the top of her choice list. They have an incredible creative writing program, should she go that way, and the size of the school suits her perfectly. BUT, we are still so early in this game, we know there is much more to see and do and discuss, and Georgia will change her mind a hundred times - as she should - before the final vote is in. It's just all so exciting to think about!

ARS Shining Star and U of H Cougar

Part of The Gaggle at LSU

Part of The Gaggle at Tulane

Sassy Pants showing off her class shirt

On the homefront, Ivy impressed us at her student-led Sixth Grade conference last week. She shared several pieces of her work, told us how she fulfills each part of the school's mission statement as well as some additional character traits, and gave some insight into her own thoughts on college. What?! It's hard for this mama to think about one little bird leaving the nest, much less two, but actually, it's one of the best parts of the Ann Richards School - showing these girls that they can ALL go to college, graduate, and change their world. They start talking about it from the very first day of school, without pressure but with lots encouragement and support. Of the three graduating classes we've had, over 70% of the girls are the first in their family to go to college, so the impact that this school is making on their lives, and their family's lives, is immeasurable. We are so grateful to be there!

Ivy Francis Moore, Class of '22

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