Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lordy, Lordy, She Just Hit 40!

Forty months off treatment - as of yesterday, August 29th! That means Georgia is two-thirds of the way to that all-important FIVE year mark, where we can officially shout from the rooftops that she is cancer-free! Yesterday also marks one year since she "broke even" - when she was finally off treatment as many days as she was on. That was a very special day, and we were honored to share our joy through the St. Baldrick's blog.

In the days in between, Georgia has continued to grow and thrive in every way, and as we head into September and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are reminded even more of how blessed and lucky we are. We are grateful to have our girl here, healthy and happy, and we will do all we can to ensure that other families can celebrate 40 months - and 40 years and beyond - with their children off treatment. We are fundraising through the end of the year and have at least one more event coming up. We also hosted a neighborhood blood drive yesterday and have some special media opportunities this month as well. It's a busy time with school switching into gear, swim practice starting, and our many construction projects wrapping up (fingers crossed!), but we are enjoying every minute. And we thank you, Friends of Georgia, for traveling this long journey with us - we love you all!

Camp closing

 Done with first week of school pictures!

 Radiating JOY since 1999.

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