Monday, June 8, 2015

In Praise of Summer

The last two weeks were a flurry of end-of-school activity, but when the dust finally settled, we ended up with a sixth grader and a tenth grader in the house! Ivy gave excellent performances in her last Cultural Challenge (an inspired graduation speech from The Secret Series books) and her last guitar recital (excellent solo and several ensemble pieces, especially considering she was in a cast for six weeks this semester!), and Georgia rocked all of her finals and celebrated 37 months off treatment on the 29th. Yes, we're still counting ... 

Ivy's graduation from Parkside on Friday was quite bittersweet as it marks the end of nine years that we've been a part of the school. I'll still be there on staff, but it will be a big adjustment to not "be a parent" there as well. What a wonderful ride, and Georgia and Ivy are all the better for having been there.

Darling directors/angels, Joe and Claire

And so summer began this weekend, with an end-of-the-year slumber party and a day to reflect on Georgia's journey and victory over leukemia. She spent the night before with her friends, waiting for the fireflies to come out, and she saluted the sun and survivorship the next morning.

We are looking forward to many adventures this summer, as well as the chance to rest and recharge after another fun-filled school year. First stop is Crested Butte, Colorado - we'll send y'all some snowflakes!

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