Sunday, April 19, 2015

Viva El Chris!

It's Fiesta time in San Antonio - the most fun 10 days of the year! We'll be missing the action this go-round, but we will be there in two weeks for a very special fiesta of our own. A good friend of mine from high school has offered his restaurant - and his hair! - for a St. Baldrick's fundraiser, and we hope that all of our San Antonio friends can join us! Chris owns Martha's restaurant and has been hard at work getting the word out and prepping for a great event on Saturday, May 2nd from 3-5 pm. He's going to brave the shave himself, and we so appreciate the support! Drop by to see us if you can, and if not, please donate to Chris's campaign and childhood cancer research!

This week, Georgia has appointments with endocrinology and survivorship. We hope to get more pieces to the headache puzzle, but (knock wood), she hasn't had a severe one in the last month! We're grateful for that and so many other things, including our wonderful Friends of Georgia. Have a great week, y'all!

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