Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Word on The Street

... is NORMAL. At Georgia's survivorship appointment today, the exact words were, "Your labs couldn't be any more NORMAL." Wonderful! We never tire of hearing the word "normal," but we've never heard it expressed so definitively before - not something we'll ever take for granted or forget! And because she is nearing her third year off treatment (next week!), Georgia will now move to follow-ups every six months, so today was full of good news!

In addition, her appointment with endocrinology yesterday was equally encouraging. The plan is to stay the course with the current supplements and our headache prevention routine unless or until something changes. We drew new labs to check her Vitamin D and calcium again, and she'll have another bone density scan as well as a bone age scan in the next week or so to monitor her osteoperosis. We're feeling confident that all of that has improved even more over the last year, but it will be nice to see it in black and white.

Our girl is growing by leaps and bounds - in mind, body, and spirit - and her days are full of NORMAL. Honestly, we couldn't ask for anything better.

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