Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

To close out September, we want to remind everyone that while raising research funds is our top priority, advocacy is the other big piece of the puzzle in fighting childhood cancer. Throughout Georgia's journey, we have been involved in numerous letter-writing and social media campaigns that draw attention to the state of affairs in the childhood cancer community and urge the powers-that-be to join us in taking action. Many of you have contacted your representatives on Georgia's behalf regarding funding gaps, drug shortages, and access to treatment issues, and we THANK YOU so much for your support! Sharing information with those that can make a difference - and demanding action - is critical to finding cures and safer, less-toxic treatments for all kids in the fight, so we will continue to raise funds and our voices and long and as loud as we have to. 

Make sure to read this blog post from the St. Baldrick's Foundation, written by a Momma friend of mine, that highlights the ways advocates have shed much light on our community during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And don't forget! A super easy way for you to raise awareness AND funds is through the You Are My Hero campaign! Here's how:

1. Print & write a message on this sign: http://bit.ly/yamh-pdf
2. Take a selfie holding the sign
3. Post on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.com/BNCollege
4. Use #YouAreMyHero in your post

And voila! Barnes & Noble College will donate $1 for every post, up to $25,000!

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