Thursday, September 18, 2014


A little over two weeks into September, and we have much to report! Saturday, some dear friends hosted another blood drive in honor of Georgia and other cancer fighters, and we collected 20 units of blood, $57 from Georgia and Ivy's lemonade stand for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, and $250 from a raffle for Stand Up To Cancer - big success! Thank you, Vore Family!

Cousins Claire and Vivian helped with the lemonade stand
Then Tuesday night, we set up a pub quiz to raise even more funds and awareness. It was another unique opportunity to reach an audience that might not otherwise be know of and/or be involved in childhood cancer advocacy - and we're happy to enlist new allies all the time. It was a ton of fun, and we added $500 more to our total for the year! The highlight was the raffle for this St. Baldrick's t-shirt, autographed by writer/director Joss Whedon, which was won by our good friend, Joie!

And THEN, yesterday, the 46 Mommas made the New! York! TIMES! One of the photographers at the Boston event submitted a short blog post about us and included some of the Before and After shots she took that day. There are some great ones in there, and the exposure is huge for our mission. Because the original post got shared so many times, we got bumped to the front page online and then to the NYT's Twitter feed! Especially during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the more we can get the call for research funding out there, the closer we'll be to finding cures and safer, less-toxic treatments for our kids, and what a day that will be!

Powerful collage from the blog post ...

 but this is my favorite! Crazy, amazing leadership team!

In Georgia news, she is taking 9th grade by storm! She is loving swim team, landed a role in the fall play, and is - gulp - visiting with colleges! Throughout the fall, she has small group interviews set up with schools like Trinity, Rice, and Austin College and will visit with others (Tulane and Loyola, to name a few) at the College Fair on September 22nd. She is also preparing for the PSAT in October! And before we know it, she'll be taking the actual SAT! We enjoyed meeting all of her teachers at Back-to-School Night last night, and we're looking forward to another stellar year for her!

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