Thursday, August 7, 2014

Extra! Extra!

SUPER Sib Alert! On Tuesday, Ivy cut 12 inches of hair to donate to Wigs For Kids! Georgia was so inspired, she went for a Pixie cut, too! And so ended our Mutual Admiration Society activity for the day.


Cousin Claire cut hers to donate, too!

Thank you, Birds Barbershop!

We'll be sending in these locks to make a beautiful wig 
for a child in treatment. Ivy's ready to start growing it out again!

Also in the news, literally, is the 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave! Since the event a week ago, we have been noticed by media outlets from around the world - England! Italy! Greece! Holland! And besides the many, many local outlets that featured individual Mommas' stories, we made national news with the Huffington Post, and I had the opportunity to share Georgia's story with  and The And we woke up Boston! Spreading awareness, near and far!

While I wrap up things from the shave, we're also preparing for Georgia to go to camp on Sunday. But tomorrow, she's having her first EKG and echocardiogram since diagnosis. We know she'll pass with flying colors and will be ready for two weeks at camp and then ... high school! She has much to look forward to, and we have much to be grateful for, so thank you, thank you for your continued support!

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