Thursday, August 14, 2014

Catch of the Day

Well, Georgia is thoroughly enjoying her third time at Camp Mystic! Her letters are full of exclamation points, and her pictures are all smiles. One picture from today reminded me of one from her first time at camp in 2011. She was still in the throes of treatment, but she was so happy - and determined! - to finally be at camp, she pushed through and had a wonderful time. And now in 2014, having to sit out last year made her return that much sweeter. I think it's interesting to compare these two pictures, with all of their similarities and big, big differences.

We also got great news from the survivorship clinic today - EKG and echo were normal! Now she can more than likely go two years until we have to do those tests again. We're so glad she's going into the new school year so healthy and strong - and ready to swim for the STARS! School is just around the corner, as is September, and we've got some plans to celebrate both, doncha know. Stay tuned!

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