Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arts and Letters

Holiday weekend! Georgia and Ivy will be hitting the pool today, and if the much-needed rain we're getting right now lets up, we'll be enjoying Shakespeare in the Park tomorrow night. Also tomorrow, Georgia is reading one of her poems at the ARS Literary Magazine release party at our favorite bookstore, BookPeople. Each of the pieces reflects one aspect of the ARS mission statement, so Georgia will touch on the "health and wellness" component with her poem, "Ode to a Carton of OJ Sitting in Front of Me":

Oh, Carton,
Your boxy stubbornness and misleading directions frustrate me so.
The tight-lipped mouth,
so filled with greed and possessiveness, preventing me from
quenching my thirst with your treasure.
You squeal, protest, you will not succumb to this longing I have for a drink.
There you stand.
Taunting me with your idiotic smirk continuously focused on my misfortune.
I shall tug and I shall cry and you shall not give in.
Oh, Carton. How I long to open thee! Let me count the ways.

Funny girl. And multitalented, too - here is just a sampling of her art portfolio for the year, including a self-portrait of the artist herself. Pretty cool! But how is it possible that in 11 days, we will have an 8th grader in the house?!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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