Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Right Along

Georgia had a clinic appointment today, and although her counts were a little low, everything still looks really good! We'll just be keeping an eye on her and shoo away any viruses that want to come calling - especially once she finishes up her antibiotic next week. Yes, next Monday is the last day of her last medicine and marks six months off treatment! She has done so well so far, and before we know it, another six months will have passed, and she'll be one year off treatment. Amazing!

Also amazing is the support that Votre Vu has shown the 46 Mommas and the St. Baldrick's Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer. I had the honor of speaking at their local event this week, and they announced another $5,000 donation to the 46 Mommas, bringing their total to over $20,000 since July. And they have no plans to stop! One dollar from the purchase of every French Accents item goes to childhood cancer research, so please stop by their website soon!

Georgia and Ivy both had busy weeks at school last week, culminating in the Homecoming tailgate and volleyball games at Ann Richards and the Fall Festival at Parkside. We've got lots of spirit around here and are looking forward to Halloween next week!

Go Stars!

Ivy "trying" to not get wet at the balloon toss.

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