Monday, October 29, 2012

Bigger Than a Breadbox

After we came home from the hospital on January 4, 2010, one of the first things we did was buy this breadbox. Georgia had eight prescriptions, a pill cutter, a pill organizer, and various other "accessories," none of which we wanted to leave out all the time like a constant reminder of treatment. Not good for our Peachy Keen attitude! So we found this breadbox, filled it with her meds, and parked it on the kitchen counter, where it was opened and closed hundreds of times over the last 34 months. The scheduling was so intricate (this one everyday, this one three days a week, this one once a week, this one once a month, not these together, those always together, with food, before food, after food ...), it's truly amazing that researchers ever figured out what worked among the ever-rotating combinations. Each time we got a new schedule, we stuck a post-it on the inside lid with a detailed AM/PM menu, plus dosages, even though we all knew it by heart after the first day. And after the first year or so, little by little, the contents of the breadbox started to gradually disappear, especially since APRIL 29TH, 2012. And once her port was gone, all Georgia had left to complete was a six-month run of antibiotics ...

Which she did. Today. So, as per usual, we will celebrate another milestone tonight - truly, truly the END of treatment! We'll carve pumpkins, smash pill bottles on the driveway (like Mighty Tater!), and put buckets on our heads and dance. And as for the breadbox, Ivy had a great idea: We could put bread in it.

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