Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Return

Over the last two months or so, we've noticed a big improvement in Georgia's energy and overall health. She's feeling great, moving well, and laughing a lot. It's obvious that the last bits of 28 months of chemotherapy have left her body, and she is building up her stamina more and more every day. Case in point, I just bore witness to an EPIC all-out, no-holds-barred pillow fight:

And even as I braced for the inevitable fallout (which actually never came), the sound was music to my ears. It's been a long time!

Good thing Georgia is in such great shape - the Austin CureSearch Walk is one week from today! We're looking forward to a really fun event and would love for you to join us. Sign up with the Peachy Keens here, or donate to Georgia's page here - she's just over $50 from her goal! Raising funds for research is the perfect way to close out Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so we hope to see y'all there. Thanks!

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