Wednesday, June 13, 2012

T-Minus 46 Days

Today marks 46 days until I Shave for the Brave with the 46 Mommas! I've talked with many of my fellow shavees, and they are some incredible women with very powerful stories. Event plans are coming together every day, and it should prove to be an awesome experience. And I'm less than $300 away from my goal, so who here wants to be a HERO for kids with cancer? Click the 46 Mommas button in the sidebar!

With Georgia now being off treatment, we are thinking more and more in terms of survivorship and how her journey might affect her down the road. Thankfully, St. Baldrick's recognizes the growing population of childhood cancer survivors and focuses part of its research funding on supporting and caring for these kids. Even though cures are obviously the ultimate goal, better, less toxic treatments with no long-term effects would be wonderful in the interim, so The Peachy Keens will continue to raise awareness, hope, and funds for warriors and survivors at every stage of the fight.

And for the record, according to Georgia's follow-up neuropyschological exam last week, she's testing HIGHER than she did four months into treatment. No evidence of any cognitive effects from 28 months of chemotherapy. Even the doctor was surprised and couldn't provide any explanation for the results, other than what we already know - our girl is superhuman.

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