Friday, June 29, 2012

The Haps

Hello Friends of Georgia! Lots going on in our world and the world-at-large, but most important is that today, our girl is TWO months post-treatment - and she is feeling great!!! This week, she completed her four-week swim training class and competed in a mini-meet on Wednesday. She really loves to swim, and it's helping her continue to build up her stamina. So much so that she placed first and second in two of her events!

I would have gotten a better picture, but
she's just too darn FAST!

Today, Georgia and Ivy both performed some selections from "Wicked" with their musical theatre camp. They had a wonderful time and made their drama major mama extremely proud! Bravo!

Singing "Popular" with every bit of conviction she can muster.

Defying gravity, indeed.

Thank you, ZACH!

We're taking a break from camps for the next two weeks, and Georgia's got a surgery consultation, where we'll talk more about getting her port taken out - so exciting! If that can happen before she goes to camp in August, all she'll have to deal with while she's there is antibiotics three times a week - what a difference from last year! And she STILL had an awesome time in spite of it all. Such a trooper! 

Stay tuned, and we hope y'all are staying cool and having a great summer!

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