Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 5th in Pictures

Another wild and woolly day last Saturday, but oh, what fun! We started with the very special celebration of Ivy's First Communion. She did a wonderful job and looked so beautiful. And familiar. : )

 Georgia, May 2008

After lunch with the family, we went to set up for the Victory Party at our dear Parkside school auditorium:

The sign-in table - so many sweet notes for Georgia!

Georgia and Ivy chose their own cakes - one chocolate, one lemon -
from the amazing Becky at Bountiful Bakery!

Italian Ice from Rita's kept us cool - 
and they support Alex's Lemonade Stand!

We brought Georgia's Beads of Courage - three full strands!

We also had two big glass jars filled with little orange and turquoise chocolates to represent the over 4,000 pills Georgia has taken throughout treatment! But in all the excitement, I didn't get a picture!

We enjoyed spending this special day with so many wonderful friends and family members - I just wish I had gotten everyone's picture! And for those that couldn't come, we got your many cards and messages, and we appreciate every one. Thank you ALL for supporting us for the past 28 months! Georgia love to everyone!

Georgia loves her GG.

This is what HAPPY looks like.

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