Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Whew! What a day we had on APRIL 29TH! As crazy as it was, it really was the perfect way to mark the end of Georgia's treatment journey. Between the art show and Georgia's lemonade stand, we raised over $2,000 for CureSearch - and counting, as we have more art being purchased as we speak! At the blood drive, we collected 26 units of blood and got 28 folks signed up for the Be The Match marrow donor registry - amazing! And at the end of The Race for Third Place Challenge that night, I had captured fourth place, less than $500 away from my final goal. BUT, in the true spirit of the 46 Mommas, the third place Momma asked that her challenge prize (a $100 donation) be added to my fundraising total, in honor of Georgia's last day of treatment. So awesome! We were ALL winners that day!

When we got home from all of the festivities, we still had the all-important matter of Georgia's final dose of chemo (6MP, for those of you keeping score at home). We had thought of several different ways to do it (countdown, balloons, speeches, etc. - you know how we do), but in the end, Georgia had just two words to say, "Bottoms up!" And that was it - No Mo Chemo!!!   

The celebration, of course, continues at the Victory Party this weekend, but not before Georgia's first appointment OT (off treatment!) tomorrow. As we understand it, she will have monthly count checks for one year, then every two months for a year, and then every 3-6 months (depending) for three years. Yep. So while going OT (love that!) is huge, Georgia is beginning a new, even longer journey - survivorship. She'll stay on antibiotics for the next six months and have her port taken out sometime this summer, but we will remain ever vigilant about infections, late effects, and anything else out of the ordinary until we hit that five year post-treatment mark. We're calling it "Georgia's Journey 2.0." We've each put on a fresh set of bracelets (Georgia, LIVESTRONG, and CureSearch), and we're ready for action - who's with us?!


  1. W00t! Great job, Georgia! So nice to see you on Sunday.
    And I'm planning on bringing Lucy on Saturday, but perhaps the whole brood will show up to party!

  2. what a mile stone and what a fantastic way to mark it! such a huge amount of money raised for such a great cause. you should all be super proud of yourselves. AWESOME! xxx

  3. Lovin the 2.0!! The Bacons will still be there running cycling and swimming next to Georgia!! Xoxo