Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keeping Up the Good Work

First, let me say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who responded to our Call to Action by contacting their representatives and spreading the word amongst their friends. As a result of your help, we had visits from folks all over the country - and beyond - and a lot of traffic made its way to the CureSearch and St. Baldrick's sites, which is exactly what we wanted. Once again, our awesome Friends of Georgia shared the love with all kids in the fight, and we can't say thank you enough!

As for the current status of the Methotrexate crisis, it looks like we will avoid an all-out shortage at this point. BUT the childhood cancer community remains focused on ensuring that this - or anything remotely similar - never happens again with these children's life-saving medicines. Bills, letters, and petitions continue to make their way to the powers that be, and hopefully, we will see some real progress sooner than later. All this to say, it ain't over til it's over. For more information on, and responses to, the Methotrexate shortage, click on these links:

In other news, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Make-A-Wish Wish Granter training session this morning. One day soon, I'll get to play Fairy Godmother and help a child get their one heartfelt wish! I remember how excited Georgia and Ivy both were when the Wish Granters came to interview Georgia about making her wish, and I can't wait to be on the other side of the magic! I also learned today just how many volunteers it takes to keep the wish factory going, so if you're interested in donating your time, talent, or treasure to this incredible organization, go here to find your local chapter office and the many volunteer opportunities available in your area.

For tomorrow, we've got to be up with the chickens to help out with the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon. In case you're out on the course, we'll be working Water Stop #15 at Mile 17 with our pals from Superhero Kids. Should be a great race, and we're ready to cheer on some courageous runners!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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