Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Complex and Difficult - But Possible!

Big news just one week after we posted about the Methotrexate shortage - Today, the FDA approved the import of MTX from one pharmaceutical company and approved the application of another company to begin manufacturing preservative-free MTX in the U.S.. Even so, Dr. Peter C. Adamson, Chairman of the Children’s Oncology Group, said that while he was pleased that the immediate threat of a shortage had passed, "this is at best a Band-Aid approach to the problem.” He went on to challenge Congress to enact the legislation to fix this problem in the time-frame that he can get kids with ALL into remission: 4 weeks. His testimony (audio clip here) was informative and inspiring and provided what I imagine will be a battle cry for this issue until it is fully resolved:

"I certainly understand that passing legislation is complex, difficult.  I suspect, however, that it is no more complex or difficult than curing a child with cancer. And I can absolutely tell you, it is no more complex or difficult than what children with cancer face everyday.”

Amen. Thank you again for calling and clicking and sharing our Call to Action - it really made, and continues to make, a difference! We'll be back soon with a Marathon Day report!

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