Friday, October 7, 2011

Making The Grade

Georgia had a quick appointment this morning, just to check counts and see if being off of her antibiotic for two weeks improved her ankle problems. In a word: No. But her counts were perfect, and she's feeling great, albeit still with the swelling and the limping. So now, we'll slowly dial back the pain medicine over the next two weeks and see how that goes (feels). If she can make it that long, we'll be back in for her next day surgery and IV meds on the 21st and can re-evaluate yet again. Dr. Neff also ordered a couple of extra tests on her blood from this morning, so we'll see if those tell us anything. Just keep swimming ...

In other news, Georgia got her first ever report card today, and it was covered in one letter: A!!! Eight of them!!! It just goes to show that even in a new school, in a new system, and with a bunch of hard medicines swimming around in her body, our girl is going to learn and excel and love every minute of it - no matter what! I believe this calls for a - you know it - celebration!

If you could actually read the report card,
you'd see 96-99 in every class - woohoo!

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