Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where The Money Goes

More from our friends at CureSearch and their pledge to distribute funds raised this year to a variety of studies throughout their member hospital network:

CureSearch for Children's Cancer Commits $5.5 Million
to Children's Cancer Research This Year

$1.5 Million in Clinical Trials Research for Local Hospitals

Using money raised at CureSearch events across the nation, including the CureSearch Walk, a minimum of $1.5 Million will be given directly to Children's Oncology Group (COG) member hospitals to help support the cost of enrolling children in therapeutic clinical trials. These trials are critical to advancing research and treatment. At a time when federal government funding has been reduced, supplementing the high cost of clinical trials is essential to ensuring all eligible children, in markets large and small, can be enrolled in trials.

Support for Specific Diseases and Disciplines

Each year, CureSearch funds research priorities in specific cancer types and discipline areas, such as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, adolescents and young adults, and long-term follow up care. This year, CureSearch is funding $3.5 Million in research projects focusing on:

Ewing sarcomaAcute Mylogeneous Leukemia
Wilms TumorAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Brain TumorsSurvivorship

CureSearch will also provide an additional $500,000 for projects such as a new Family Handbook that was prepared in partnership with the COG Nursing Committee, and the annual COG medical meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for physicians, nurses, and researchers to come together to review findings and set their future medical/research agenda.

So, basically, good news all around, although the BEST news would be if we didn't need to raise one more penny because we found a CURE! Or a way to PREVENT these cancers in the first place! I know that we will Reach The Day when every child can be guaranteed a cure, and your generous donation to The Peachy Keens will help us get there. The Austin CureSearch Walk is one week away, so please consider supporting Georgia in her quest to raise $5,000 on her own! Thanks, y'all!

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