Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bright Side

Georgia had her regular monthly appointment today, and while she's feeling much better than she was two weeks ago, we're still without a definitive answer on what's causing her joint problems. Boo. BUT, in true Peachy Keen fashion, we're focusing on the bright side of things, because there's always a bright side, right? Yes. Here's the rundown of Current Unsolved Mysteries and Maladies, Plus The Official Peachy Keen Response Thereto:
  • Her ankles are swollen and she's limping when she walks BUT the pain medicine she started last week and the braces she's wearing are working, and she's getting around so much better.
  • Her hair has been falling out again BUT it's unlikely that it will all come out, and even if it does? Been there, done that. No sweat.
  • Her counts were so low two weeks ago, we had to hold her chemo meds BUT today, she's back up in the normal range, feeling great, and ready to get back on her treatment schedule!
So, on we go. We are holding her antibiotic for the next two weeks, on the off-chance it has something to do with any or all of the above, and then we'll re-evaluate at her next appointment. And for the record, this snapshot of some of the side effects Georgia has been dealing with is actually very typical (and somewhat mild, comparatively) of what many of these kids face during and after treatment. It illustrates the importance of, and critical need for, targeted medicines and therapies specifically for childhood cancers - an issue eloquently discussed in this article (which I really hope you'll read!) by the chair of Children's Oncology Group. Research is the key, and research costs money, and that's why we're walking with CureSearch on Saturday. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to Georgia or joined up with The Peachy Keens, and we hope the rest of you will consider supporting us and our quest for a CURE!


  1. So very sorry Georgia is having these treatment complications but love your PK spirit. Thanks for opening our eyes to the realities of childhood cancer and the importance of research!

  2. Love the Peachy Keen optimism! Hang in there:) Claire