Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mystic Murmurs

Camp Mystic's newspaper is called The Mystic Murmur, and here's the latest news from our cracker jack reporter on the scene: Camp is FUN!

On Monday, we took Georgia to Hunt, Texas and got her all settled in Look Out - the last cabin I stayed in at Mystic 22 years ago! She said she was excited but also felt a little "tingly," like when you're about to go on a roller coaster. The first girl we saw was actually her classmate, Lily, and then she was immediately recognized by some of the girls she met last summer at a pre-camp swim party. After seeing all of those friendly faces, she did very well when it was time for us to leave. Better than any of the rest of us!

The main first order of business is for all new campers to be sorted, a la Harry Potter, into one of two tribes. Georgia drew a blue slip, so she is now and always an Ever Loyal Kiowa! Everyone cheers, and the older girls carry the new girls off to their waiting tribes.

The rest of the week has consisted of daily activities (Dance, Drama, Journalism, Arts and Crafts, and Fishing), tribe meetings and games, and nightly events like a camp-wide scavenger hunt and lots of skits. We've gotten FOUR letters, and I closely inspect every picture posted on the website for even the slightest glimpse of our girl (there are about 600 posted per day!)! We know she's having a great time and are so proud of her independence and strength.

But next Saturday can't get here fast enough. : )


  1. I am so Happy that Georgia is experiencing Hunt, Texas. The Juenke Family has enjoyed Hunt and the South Fork of the Guadalupe since 1964! The Juenke River Cabin is located on a hill over looking the RIver Inn resort which is about 4 miles away from Mystic. The Moore family is more than welcome to stay there anytime!

    -G. Juenke

  2. I'm glad Georgia is enjoying Mystic. I've seen her in several pictures with my daughter Jensen. Thanks for sharing your blog and Georgia's experience with her cabin mates and their parents. Jensen's life was also touched by cancer several years ago when her father was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer. I think she has felt kind of alone because she doesn't know anyone her age that can relate. I hope they get the chance to talk about it while they are at camp. I've really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Jennifer Taylor Jameson

  3. Thanks for your great posts to us. I have been reading Georgia's too and read through all the prior postings. You all as parents, and Georgia as survivor extraordinair are really serving as role models for us! Thank you

    Brooke Boston (Lenox's Mom)!

  4. Georgia-So glad you're enjoying camp! Have fun and keep that beautiful smile on your face:)