Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Camp Wrap-Up

Well, she made it! We all did! Georgia had such a great time at camp, and she wants to go back next summer, so I'd say that's a ringing endorsement. She also said it was "great preparation" for going back to school, and I have to agree - an early wake-up call (though I don't plan on taking bugle lessons), a day full of activities and lessons, and a happy, weary body falling in to bed each night. Plus, lots of news friends! Thank you so much to everyone who sent her letters and emails - she kept them all in her pillowcase to stem any feelings of homesickness that might sneak up. We're so thrilled that she finally got to go to camp and take full advantage of all that Mystic has to offer. Thank you, Eastland family, for taking such great care of our girl!

Hangin' with friends

Emoting in the drama production

Gearing up for some Bombardment

Flying high in the Dance Performance
(my favorite picture)

Singing at Camp Closing

JoJo is SO glad Georgia's home!

Now that she's all unpacked (mostly), we're moving on to that little business of MIDDLE SCHOOL starting tomorrow! Georgia can't wait to begin her journey as an Ann Richards girl, and we're looking forward to watching her take her new school - and the world - by (quiet) storm. : )

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