Thursday, July 21, 2011

Super Groups Need Super Support!

This month, we're highlighting two very SUPER groups we've been involved with: SuperSibs! and Superhero Kids. Both provide support and just plain old FUN for childhood cancer patients and their siblings, and we're so grateful for all they do. We'd love it if you would learn more about them and maybe donate to their worthy causes!

First up is SuperSibs!, which recognizes and celebrates the siblings of kids in treatment. Ivy loves the cards and gifts she's gotten in the mail, and it's nice for her to have some special recognition for the way she's handled herself throughout Georgia's journey. SuperSibs! understands that when a child has cancer, their siblings need healing, too, and we can see the difference that extra pat on the back has made to Ivy. An easy way to support SuperSibs! is to vote in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge this month as they try to organize exhibits of sibling art in libraries around the country. The Top 10 projects win $50,000 - so please vote!

Another amazing group that is near and dear to our hearts is Superhero Kids, which specifically addresses quality of life issues for the patients and families of the Children's Blood and Cancer Center (aka "the clinic"). They provide financial assistance as well as fun activities for the kids (and their siblings) who often have to spend many hours at the clinic each week. We've participated in some of their events and are really looking forward to the Austin CowParade, which will benefit the Superhero Kids Fund and Dell Children's Medical Center. Maybe you can bid on a cow of your own or just make a donation here - we appreciate it!

On the home front, two siblings around here have both had banner weeks this hot, hot third week of July. Georgia had a truly magical week at Girlstart's Camp Hermione, where she used her STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and math) to design a Hogwarts dorm room, build a Quidditch tower, and compete in a Defense Against the Dark Arts Catapult Challenge. She had a ball, and that enthusiasm will come in handy in her STEM class at Ann Richards this year!

Ivy was in hog - er, horse - heaven this week at the beautiful Switch Willo Stables. She has been looking forward to "horse camp" since last summer, and she jumped right in to her first ever English riding lessons. Our true blue cowgirl even learned how to post! She had such a great time, she's doing it all again next week, while Georgia heads back to film camp. It'll be a busy two weeks, but both girls are doing things they truly love, and we're so thankful that everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying themselves!

Finally, we're just a little over two months away from the Austin CureSearch Walk, and the Peachy Keens are hard at work raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. We'd love your support, so please click on the walk link in the sidebar to get to our team page. And thank you to my thoughtful co-workers for the early birthday present - a generous donation to the cause!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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