Monday, June 6, 2011

Change is Good

It seems that there are lots of changes going on around Peachy Keen HQ. Georgia graduated from Parkside on Friday and started Ann Richards Boot Camp on Monday. She had her 21st LP-ITC on Thursday and is due for 3-4 more over the next year as she moves ever further into maintenance and away from those first eight months of intense treatment. We also celebrated National Cancer Survivors Day with friends from the clinic and the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center on Saturday, and I was struck by the completely different place we find ourselves in now as compared to this time last year. Wow.

Even so, a couple of things will never change: Georgia's determination to get healthy and our family's commitment to raising awareness, funds, and hope for childhood cancers. That said, in fundraising news, the Texas 4000 kicked off this past weekend, and you can follow the world's longest charity bike ride - and support these amazing young people - here. Also, this weekend is National Lemonade Days, and folks all over the country are setting up stands to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand. You can find a stand near you here, and stop by for a cup for a CURE! Finally, we'll be firing up the Peachy Keen CureSearch Walk page soon - we'd love to have you walk with us on Saturday, September 24th!

Have a great first week of summer, y'all!

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