Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue Lily*

We recently had the distinct pleasure of having some pictures made at a beautiful horse farm tucked away on the northwest side of town. We wanted to mark the one-year-countdown-to-the-end-of-Georgia's-treatment, so we did it up right and called in the magic makers at Blue Lily. You'd never know this fairyland was there, and we loved seeing the horses and exploring the pastures and creek. Oh, and working with the ever so talented Tyler, half of the coolest parenting team on the planet and an excellent photog to boot. He and his wife, the lovely Wendy, travel the world with their children, taking pictures of everything and everyone they see. What an education! You can learn more about them and their adventures here. Speaking of learning, our lesson for the day we shot these? Horses hate balloons. Who knew?

Thank you, Tyler and Wendy, for a wonderful day!

* To see when they'll be in your neck of the woods, check out their site here.


  1. The girls reading book is my favorite shot. Oh to live in the land of Georgia!

  2. oooh these made me tear up. You'll love these photos forever. They're timeless and you are all beautiful. xoxoxo