Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Georgia Peach turns San Antone Rose

Here is Georgia's play-by-play trip report:

Our vacation began at La Mansion del Rio hotel, where we stayed for the most of our trip. After we got there and unpacked, we went down to the river for a little sightseeing and ice cream. Ivy and I were the talk of the town with our fiesta getups, and we had many a cascarone fight! We went to see the Battle of Flowers parade and watched the Flambeau night parade on T.V.. On day 3 of our vacation de San Antonio, we went to celebrate Evie's (my great grandmother's) 99th birthday with our cousins Owen and little Evelyn. After cake and lots of fun, we headed home. Next day, we packed our bags and made our way back to Austin. That concludes the Moore family trip to San Antonio. Bye y'all!

Viva Fiesta!

Thank you, Lolly, for organizing this trip!


Happy Birthday, Evie!

The Tower Life Building - Fiesta- and Spurs-style

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  1. Beautiful photos. love it! hope u guys had a good time!:)