Friday, April 15, 2011

All is Well

Very well, in fact! Georgia was a little slow bouncing back from her appointment on Thursday - she missed one day of school and had to come home early another day - but her stamina is improving every day. It's hard to balance what your mind thinks you can do and what your body can actually do, so sometimes, in her excitement, Georgia does a little too much, a little too soon. But as we go, we're all learning how to manage her med schedule vs. her activity schedule, and she's missed very little school or other fun - we're very blessed!

Speaking of fun, last Saturday was full of it! In the morning, we went to orientation at the Ann Richards School, and Georgia was thrilled to see so many of her new "sisters." It is quite an amazing place, especially for little girls who really love school - like somebody we know! Later that night, we went to the Texas Stars hockey game, and Georgia and Nikman did the ceremonial puck drop. We've never been to a hockey game before, and it was a blast! The girls danced so much during the first two periods, they were plum tuckered by the third (again - balance!). It was a great night, organized by one of the Man of the Year candidates, and we look forward to going again sometime. Thanks, Don!

I can also report that Liam is doing incredibly well and has now moved from the PICU to the cardiac unit - Go Liam!

Finally, here's a clip of the interview Georgia was supposed to give about the MWOY campaign. Susan and Gary did a great job in a pinch and even gave our girl a shout-out. : ) Have a great weekend, y'all - we're off to Fiesta in San Antonio!

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  1. You rock Georgia! Hope you guys are having fun! We are thinking of you!!:):)