Monday, October 25, 2010

Challenge Day

Saturday was a long, crazy day – but a really fun day, too. Before the sun rose, we were down on the 1st Street Bridge, decorating our pedicabs for the LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K. Georgia and Ivy each had their own chariots and noisemakers to cheer on over 3,000 runners and walkers. It drizzled on us here and there, but we were having too much fun to care. On the downhills, Georgia raised her hands and screamed like she was on a roller coaster - it was a great way to start the morning! Thanks to Steve, our awesome driver, and everyone who participated in or supported the Challenge, which raised over 3 million dollars for the weekend’s events! We’re looking forward to riding along next year, and after that, maybe Georgia can run it sometime as a SURVIVOR!

Decorating our pedicabs

Georgia and our awesome driver, Steve

Ready to hit the road!

Ivy and Daddy take the lead!

A yellow rose for a Texas girl


  1. How fun! You guys are awesome!!!

  2. $3 million is nothing to shake a chariot at! Great work everyone!! :)