Friday, October 22, 2010

Blood, Bikes, and Bones

How did another week go by already?! Georgia's appointment this morning went well, except we'll be sticking with this every-two-weeks schedule a little while longer. Her counts were great, but for the remainder of this first cycle of maintenance, at least, Dr. Neff wants to see her more often than once a month, and we do what the man says, right? Plus, Georgia is always so glad to see the nurses and staff anyway, so she won't have to go too long without some good hugs!

Tomorrow is another special event we've all been looking forward to - the LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K. All kids in treatment are invited to ride in pedicabs among the walkers/runners to offer support and inspiration for the weekend's races. Even though we've got to be there very early in the morning, and there's a chance of rain, Georgia and Ivy could hardly get to sleep tonight. We'll see how that plays out at 6 AM ...

Tomorrow afternoon is the Parkside Fall Festival, and Georgia has her Dia de los Muertos/Fortune Teller costume all ready for her shift at the Haunted House. It's always such a fun event and gets us all in the Halloween spirit. Hopefully, we won't be actual zombies after the early morning bike ride!

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