Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking Good

Today's appointment was just to check Georgia's blood counts, and everything looked great - almost normal, said Dr. Neff. How about that?! Georgia is finishing up this round of steroids tonight, and then next Thursday, she'll go in for her second-to-last (for a while) day surgery. The following Tuesday, we'll start the two toughest weeks, but then we're really REALLY in the home stretch after that. Assuming her blood counts cooperate, and we don't have any other hold-ups, she should be finishing up this phase of treatment right at the end of August - just in time to get back to school! So, pretty much perfect timing, I'd say.

As always, we want to thank everyone for all the love and support, and I'd ask that you keep up the prayers and positive thinking all the way through maintenance. Leukemia is like that unwanted guest who just doesn't want to leave. Once we get rid of it, like we did by Day 29, the majority of treatment is focused on keeping it gone. That's why Georgia will continue to have, as the nurses say, "chemo lite" and day surgeries throughout maintenance - to keep her blood and spinal fluid free of even the most immature unwanted cells. This protocol is the standard method of treatment for this type of leukemia, and with the success Georgia's had so far, we'll be glad to follow it all the way through to the finish line. We hope you'll join us!

Also, we want to thank Kim in Florida and Beth in Missouri for donating blood! If you can, please sign up to donate at Zel's Bar Mitzvah Blood Drive on August 1st (click the icon in the sidebar), and if you donate elsewhere, let us know! Thanks, y'all!

And because my grandmother, the Puzzle Queen, has been here with us this week, there's been a lot of this going on:

I can't tell you the effort that went into that clubhouse ...


  1. What a great picture-- it looks like summertime! We all went to play "puck puck" golf today (as Owen likes to call it). Playing with Owen is more like croquet with Alice and the Mad Hatter!
    Evelyn had pizza for supper and Putter is licking it off her! Yuck-- better go. Thanks for the update.

    Aunt Meghan

  2. Hey Georgia I'll pray for you and you're doing great, keep it up!
    Your friend,

    /.-. '----------.
    \'-' .--"--""-"-'
    '--' (it is a key and i didn't make copied it off the web)

  3. Hey Georgia! Glad to hear that your counts are good and that you're headed for the home stretch! We'll be thinking about you and praying for you as you hit the hard two weeks next Tuesday. You may have already heard, but in case you haven't I just wanted to say that me, my family and a few of my friends will be stopping by next Saturday to see you on our way home from San Antonio/Fredericksburg to visit you and wish you good luck. I'm so glad to hear that you'll be ready to go back to school come the end of August, and I just know everyone there will be ecstatic to see you. We love you and will see you soon!

    Nelson and the Holmes family