Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pink 2.0

Throughout Georgia's journey, we've always tried to find and focus on the positive in every step. For example, remember that color poll we created in the first weeks after her diagnosis? The winner was PINK, and the result was this:

Georgia was SO excited to surprise everyone at the clinic the next day, and then she was ready to let go of the rest of her hair, telling us to "shave it off already!" Instead of being traumatized by the experience, she took control and actually had some fun with it - and she never looked back.

So seven years later, after once again going bald on her own terms, Georgia also decided to go PINK one more time! And here's that result:

PINK 2.0!

 The process was just a wee bit more involved this time around. She started with the Draco Malfoy:

Then these gold feathers:

 Then this superhero look: 

And voila!

Georgia LOVES it, if only for a month (not exactly in line with the school dress code : )), and we love that she's able to bookend the last seven years in such a bright(!) and positive way. Pretty in pink, indeed.

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