Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off and Running

In only the third week of the year, the calendar is already filling up! Today, Georgia received a couple of Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She got a Silver Key for her digital portrait of Ivy and an Honorable Mention for her drawing "Late." It was a nice ceremony, and when we have it, we'll share the slideshow of all of the winning pieces. So many talented young artists in Austin!

This week, she's going on her final(!) class college trip. They'll be visiting Texas A&M and Rice University. She's also signed up for the SAT in March and will begin a test prep class soon. We'll meet with her college advisor in February and continue checking things off the monthly lists in her "College-Bound Plan" through the end of the year. The search and application process is quite an undertaking these days, so we're grateful to have an advisor to guide Georgia through it. Time is really speeding up, though, and we'll be in the thick of it all soon!

Friday is the district swim meet, so Georgia's got four more swims for the year. She's made such big strides this season and is already looking to improve even more next season. Swimming has been so good for her in many respects, and I can see her continuing for years to come.

One bit of fundraising news for this week: Georgia's Official Cancer-Freedom Shave has a new date! The Dell event is now Saturday, April 15th, so she has an extra month to grow her locks AND fundraise! She's determined to reach $5000 by the end of the year in honor of hitting the all-important Five Year mark, and she's working on some ideas to help get her to her goal. Stay tuned - or feel free to donate now! : )

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