Monday, August 15, 2016

Ol' Number 34

Happy August! Georgia and Ivy have been enjoying lots of fun - and a fair amount of rain - at Camp Mystic the past week or so. We're picking them up on Thursday, and then we have a nice three-day weekend, and school starts on Monday! It's been a wonderful summer, pretty busy at times, too, and I know the girls have both had a great break. We'll get more details on camp when they come home, but here they are on Opening Day - all smiles:

And how about this - the word from the St. Baldrick's Foundation today is that we've raised $34 Million for childhood cancer research this year! Some of the 46 Mommas' kiddos made the sign and we celebrated early in Vegas last month:

We've had that honor before, but we got there a lot sooner this time. If you've donated this year, you're a part of that amazing number, and if you haven't, you could help us on our way to $35 Million! Click HERE to donate - please and thank you, thank you! 

Tonight's moment to remember is the time Georgia made a new friend at the clinic. That was a great day, and we hope y'all have a great week. : )

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