Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Light Bulb Moment

Recently, Georgia was asked to describe herself as a kind of light. This is what she wrote:

If I were a light, I would be a light bulb. Hear me out - I would be that old light bulb no one knows the wattage of that has a soft, warm glow. It might smell a little funny, or look a little discolored, but you can always count on it to work. I would be the light bulb that you find in the house you grew up in - the one on a pullchain in the exploding closet full of things forgotten over the years. Good things, of course, and happy memories. I would be the light bulb that someone absent-mindedly turns on when looking for something they've lost - the encouraging light guiding them to find what they're searching for. I like to think that I'd be the light that reveals to people all that is good about them and illuminates the goodness in old, forgotten things. I want to be the golden, buzzing light bulb that makes people love themselves and the things that they've done - the light that makes them laugh when they're sad or smile at something they've forgotten when all seems lost. I hope to be the warm, glowing light bulb that someone turns on to ward off the darkness.


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