Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Attention Friends of Georgia! Voting has been extended in the L'Oreal Paris Woman of Worth campaign, so PLEASE vote for our force-of-nature Momma friend, Audra, once a day through Wednesday! Help her continue her good works with MaxLove Project, and help our kids THRIVE against the odds! Click HERE to vote! 

Boston Mommas 2014

In Georgia World this week, she had what is most assuredly a cyst removed for biopsy and has a few stitches to tell the tale. We know that she is at risk of developing a variety of late-effects  as a result of treatment, so we are very thankful she has access to top-notch survivorship care and a team of healthcare professionals in continued communication about her journey. With but a few manageable exceptions, Georgia emerged from her fight relatively unscathed, and that bodes very well for her future. But because so many children are not so fortunate, we are dedicated to raising awareness, hope, and funds for research to change those numbers and those outcomes. To that end, we've got big plans for 2015, and we can't wait to share them with you! For now, please keep our girl on your mind and in your prayers while we wait for the all-clear from dermatology. Have a great weekend!

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