Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Travelin' Jones

Well, our girl has covered quite a bit of territory in just the last two weeks - with more to come! First off, the Washington D.C. trip was a HUGE success! They visited every monument, museum, and point of interest they could in four very full days. Not surprisingly, Georgia's favorite spot was ... the Library of Congress! She thought it was so beautiful and couldn't get over how many books are kept there. I'm pretty sure she could have just spent four days right there, but she did also enjoy the Air and Space Museum and Georgetown University. Many, MANY pictures were snapped, but here are a few favorites:

The only hiccup in the whole trip was the 4+ hour delay on the return flight. Things got a little cuckoo there in the wee hours in the Baltimore airport, including a gate-wide paper airplane contest at midnight, so some very happy and sleepy travelers emerged from the bus when it arrived back at Ann Richards at 4 AM!

Georgia barely had time to rest, though, because we had a full week of appointments and volunteering at Parkside. She had her well-check at the pediatrician's office and was CLEARED for training for swim team! We also visited with the orthodontist, and guess who's getting braces next month?! She is actually VERY excited, and we feel like we're in a good place with managing the osteoperosis, so we don't anticipate any issues with her jaw. That said, we will have to have her wisdom teeth removed soon, just to head off any problems should things change down the road. Georgia's looking at two years with a tin grin, and she couldn't be happier!

The good times have continued to roll into this week as Georgia and Ivy hitched a ride with my parents back to New Orleans! They had such a great time in March, they were ready and raring to go again. And once again, they have loved every minute of it. I told y'all, they've got it in 'em now!

And they're not even rubbing it in. Not one bit.

As soon as our jet-setters get back this weekend, we're all off to Colorado for the week! And at the end of July, I'll be headed to Boston with the 46 Mommas! If we could just work in a trip to California, we'd have all three coasts covered in one summer - Disneyland, anyone?

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