Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love, Georgia

       This year was a full one. Sure, there were the same 365 days, 12 months, and 4 seasons as there are in every other year, but this one was special. This was my first teenage year, my last year in middle school, and the first full year in what seems like a long time that I haven’t had chemo running through my body.
        It was a year that came with its ups and downs. There were less clinic appointments, spread out fewer and far between. But there was medical craziness like boots and scans and endocrinology and mono. It was a year where the 46 Mommas were led by the best of the bunch (you know who I’m talking about), and they raised a lot of money for St. Baldrick's – I’m still not sure how much. It was a year where I got awards and was recognized, and I made a few speeches, too. But I think I am more proud of the monotonous things I did this year.
        It was a year where I went to school almost every day and had all A’s and one B (curses, Algebra I!). It was a year where I served as NJHS president and got bronze theatre awards. It was a year where I went to sleepovers with ALL EIGHT of my best friends in attendance. It was a year where I sat at my computer, messed around on my phone, and doodled in the margins.
        As I look back and reflect on this year, 2013, I realize that through all of it, I had a great year. A studious year. An artistic year. A hilarious year. A year spent waiting for the class period to be over so I could laugh with my friends at lunch. A perfectly normal, (mostly) healthy year for a normal, healthy, healed, teenager. The first I’ve had since December 31, 2009. Now here’s to all the normal years to come! Happy New Year!



  1. Thank you for this delightful posting.
    - - your neighbor (the solar guy)

  2. Rock on with your bad self, Georgia. You and your family continue to be amazing -- even the boring stuff. : ) ~Annie Kirkham