Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Play's The Thing

Over the past two days, 15 Austin middle schools have been competing in a one act play festival, and the results are in! Georgia and Co. performed "Note to Self" by Bradley Hayward, which is a series of vignettes about the perils of teenagerhood, and they received the award for Best Ensemble - the top prize! In addition, acting awards are given out for each cast, and guess who got the bronze medal for her very first time on stage?

She'd like to thank The Academy ...

Georgia really showed her acting chops in her dual roles of a teenager and a grandmother - for which she asked to borrow MY shoes! And all of the girls were very gracious amid the excitement of their complete domination of the festival!

Our acting and tech medalists

More of the cast with Ms. Goka, our amazing principal

Georgia has had so much fun in theatre this year, and this experience and the success of the show has really inspired her to continue with it into - here it is again - high school. So our girl is becoming more and more of a STAR every day! 

P.S. Austin-area Friends of Georgia! There will be a command performance of the play at ARS next Friday, November 22nd at 6:30. Join us!

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