Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Georgia on My Mind

What a wonderful day yesterday! At last count, Georgia's victory picture has been seen by over 8,000 people! We're so happy to share the good news and raise awareness about childhood cancer at the same time, so thanks for all of the well-wishes and for spreading the word about our amazing girl!

We spent the morning yesterday at the endocrinologist's office, and the overall word is positive. Although Georgia's bone loss is significant, Dr. Kim was very pleased (and surprised, based on the numbers) that she's only had the one confirmed compression fracture. She wants to be fairly aggressive in stopping further damage and jump starting recovery, so Georgia will begin high doses of Vitamin D and calcium and add weight-bearing exercise in addition to continuing her swimming. At 13, she's in the most critical bone density-building phase of her life, so it's very important that we turn the tide as quickly as possible, and Dr. Kim feels confident that Georgia will be back up to near-normal ranges in no time. We are very happy with the plan and will follow up with more blood work in eight weeks. So glad to get moving in the right direction!

In other news, today is Willie Nelson's 80th birthday, and we hope it's just as special as he is. The second after Georgia was born, we welcomed her by playing Willie's version of "Georgia on My Mind." There wasn't a dry eye in that room, and it was one of the two best birthday parties I've ever been to.

 Happy Birthday, Willie!

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