Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dispatches from Hunt, Texas

First week of camp down, one to go, and the overall mood is HAPPY! Georgia is having a wonderful time and feeling great, according to the three letters we've gotten. It's hot, of course, but her activity schedule is fairly balanced with indoor and outdoor choices - Arts and Crafts, Campcraft, Dance, Fishing, and Free Swim. She's making a birdhouse, has gone on several high hikes, and is learning a dance routine to an 80s song (she called it "a song from your times, Mommy"). She hasn't caught Big Charlie yet (the giant catfish-in-residence), but she is thoroughly enjoying playing and swimming in the Guadalupe ("the Guad"). She's been pulling her weight and then some for her tribe and was even named Honor Kiowa at the last Tribe Hill campfire. I'd said she's totally in the camp groove, wouldn't you?!

 Packed up!

Ready to roll!

 Home Sweet Home.

Go Big Blue!

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