Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Feet

Today, Georgia had her first dance class in two years. She's been twirling around the house more and more lately, so we decided maybe it was time to get back to the real thing! We got her outfitted with new everything, from head to tippy toe, and she skipped off to Studio 4. An hour later, she came out beaming. Mommy was, too! So wonderful to see her, little by little, coming back to her whole health. It was a great day.

Also great? The report following day surgery on Tuesday - all clear. And because her counts are holding steady, we've decided to keep her meds at 75% and see how things look in two weeks. Don't mess with success, I say.

So, that's the haps around here. Now I've got to run - I'm being summoned for a pas de deux with my best partner.

 Tiny Dancer, 2007.


  1. Georgia,

    I am so excited and happy for you. So glad your reports were good and everything is on go. Girl, you're on the "home stretch". Keep on keepin' on!!!

    With love,

    Minnie Parker

  2. Tears are welling up over here. So glad to hear about being able to resume what you love doing!