Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blood and Guts

Sorry, I had to do it. That title pretty much sums up our weekend! But in a good way, I promise.

First off, in treatment news, Georgia had her second dose of Erwinia shots at the hospital Saturday then two more doses Monday and today. So far, no reaction, so YAY! We'll go back Friday for another dose, plus some other medicine, then she's got one more dose for this series on Sunday and then a break before the next series. She's holding up very well and even made a hat at the clinic today in celebration of Cinco de Mayo:

Saturday, Will rode in the Shiner GASP cycling event - 100 miles from Austin to Shiner, Texas. I'd say that took a lot of guts, wouldn't you? Indeed. Trevor and I met up with Will and his wife, Dianna, right before the start, and it was an incredibly inspiring scene. There were hundreds of cyclists of every shape, size, and age, all with a smile on their face and a fire in their belly. Many folks were participating as a fundraiser for organizations like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society, so it was so awesome to see so many people dedicating their time and energy for such great causes. Thanks to all of you who supported Georgia and Will, and if you haven't donated already, he's still fundraising for another century ride in Lake Tahoe next month, so click on his picture there in the sidebar.

Dianna and Will

Team Texas gets ready to roll

Somewhere between Austin and Shiner ...

Sunday was the hugely successful Blood Drive, and Georgia SO enjoyed seeing everyone. There was a ton of food and fun, and while we had 43 potential donors signed up, which amazed the Blood Center staff, we were able to collect 35 units! Besides our unending gratitude for Uncle Trent and Aunt Kate for organizing everything and opening up their house to us, heartfelt thanks go to: Keith; Lisa; Jennifer C.; Kim; Dave; Dan; Lindsay; Carson; Joan; Blake; Jeff; Lolly; Poppa; Mike H.; Erin; Ben; Claudia; Glynis; Joyce; Frank; Jennifer M.; Rudy; Romy; Jason; Toni; Jennifer P.; Martinique; Ashley; Lori; Mike S.; Will; Tom; Cathleen; Laura; Trent V.; Linda; Joe; and Irene. Also, thanks to these fine businesses for donating gift certificates and services for our raffle: Uchi; Luz del Alma Photography; Picky Maid; P. Terry's; Ruby's BBQ; Froyoyo; and Waterloo Records.

Get on the bus!

Georgia and Will

Georgia and cousin Evelyn

Finally, when Ivy woke up this morning, she proclaimed to have had "the best, most perfect dream ever. EVER!" She dreamed that she was at school, out on the playground, and "Georgia was there! She was back!" And she will be!


  1. Woot! All of your supporters are amazing, as are you, Georgia!

  2. What a weekend indeed! If everyone looks closely at my jersey, you can see that Georgia was with me every mile. She is truly the one that provides the inspiration to me and our entire Team. Looking forward to the next Century in June in Lake Tahoe....Georgia will be riding along for that one as well. Thanks so much to all for supporting through donations, well wishes, and prayers.


  3. The Nichols GirlsMay 5, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    Way to go Georgia, Will & Diana, and all the blood donors!!! I love love LOVE the pictures you posted! So beautiful!!! Love to you all....Claire

  4. Miss Georgia, It was so much fun seeing you yesterday! I loved hearing you and Lolly tell those funny stories! What a funny cat you have ! That scrapbook that you shared was amazing. You are such a special little girl.I feel so proud to know you.I will continue to pray for you and your wonderful family. I am now counting the days until you are all well.Happy Mother's Day to your Mom and Lolly. It is a special wish this year. I love you all. Sandy

  5. Love your Cinco De Mayo hat, Georgia! :)
    Your fun-lovin' friend,