Monday, March 22, 2010

Shine On

WOW. What an amazing event! St. Baldrick's was a huge success and incredibly inspiring to boot. Overall, the event raised over $80,000, and thanks to you, the Peachy Keens raised over $5,000 on our own! We came in a strong second place, including a last minute addition to the team who was the very last shavee of the day - thanks, Mike! And just so you know, you can keep contributing throughout the year - to St. Baldrick's in general or to our team specifically - so get those lemonade stands and car washes going for a great cause! Thanks for all of your donations, your support, and for always Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind!

Before ...

and after - Go Peachy Keens!

Lolly and Romy show their support

Georgia and Poppa

I'll add some more pictures (and a video, if I can figure out how!) to our Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind Facebook group, so you can head over there, too. We all had such a great time on Saturday and look forward to participating again next year ... any volunteers? : )


  1. Beautiful, all of you, and so awesome! Way to go, Georgia and the Peachy Keens!

  2. The Nichols GirlsMarch 23, 2010 at 7:23 AM

    Wow that's inspiring! Look at all those bald heads!:) LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! Peachy Keens rock! Love...Claire

  3. Thanks for sharing the video and pictures. It looks like going bald was a whole lot of fun. Who would have thought.
    Laura G.

  4. Awesome job PKs! From what Will told me about the St. Baldricks event in his work office (here in Dallas) and your event in appears to be quite inspirational and also raises alot of money! Way to go!

    -Dianna Bacon

  5. There are not words to express I am to know all of the folks in these photos. Viva La Peachy Keens!!

  6. Go Peachy Keens! Everyone looks awesome and the event was great! Congratulations on raising so much money!

    Kate, Trent, Claire, and Vivian

  7. We were all so happy to see you ,Ivy and all the family saturday for the big EVENT.You and your friends with their glowing heads did a great job.Emma told me she took many pics at Disney showing off her bracelet.She did not know you love Disney as much as she does. Trace and Ella (?) will be singing in church Sun.I'll tell you how it goes. Love,Aunt Shearin XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  8. Bald is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wear your St. Baldricks pin proudly!!! This simple gesture is one of the single, most touching things someone can do to show support for another. You guys continue to inspire. Shine on!!!


  9. Go Peachy Keens, raising $50,000!!! It is awesome so many people shaved their heads for research and for GEORGIA!!
    Your friend,
    Emma :)

  10. Hi Georgia!
    WOW! What beautiful heads I see in the picture! The Peachy Keens are awesome! Keep that fighting spirit going! I'm cheering for you from San Antonio! I'll look forward to meeting you in May!
    Hugs to you!